Research Topics and Current Projects

Lab-On-Chip Devices & Microfluidics

Lab-on-chip devices provide the ability of performing the complete cycle of biological reaction on a nano scale volume of the sample solution, resulting in reliable and rapid analysis. State-of-the-art nano/microfabrication facilities we can fabricate Lab-on-Chips that integrate nano and micro scale features in one single fluidic device


Biosensors are devices used to detect the presence or concentration of a biological analyte, such as a biomolecule, a biological structure or a microorganism. Biosensors consist of three parts: a component that recognizes the analyte and produces a signal, a signal transducer, and a reader device. Biosensor Research Laboratory was established with the mission of developing affordable biosensors for the early monitoring of diseases such as diabetes, cancer, coronory diseases, etc.

Two Phase Flow & Flow Boiling in Porous Media

We study the physics of multiphase fluid flow in porous media and its application in the areas of energy and the environment. We elucidate key physical mechanisms using CFD modelling and laboratory experiments. Our Lab is a state-of-the-art facility for performing research on complex and coupled multiphase flow and reactive transport in porous materials. This involves experimental work combined with real-time imaging techniques together with several advanced numerical modelling techniques. Using this integrated experimental and computational laboratory, we are able to perform cutting-edge research in diverse fields of engineering, geosciences, and biomechanics.

Fluid Flow & Heat Transfer in Porous Media

The aim of this research is to conduct high-quality research in diverse areas of flow and transport in porous media. The main thrust is on theoretical and computational modeling of the flow and transport processes that are backed by rigorous experimental validation.

Desalination & Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Techniques

Climate change is constantly posing major challenges to fresh water availability. The salinity level of both land and seawater is constantly increasing, making clean water treatment more urgent and important than ever. Dr. Nazari’s research projects focus on developing sustainable thermal desalination processes through innovative technologies. This includes characterization and process testing of novel and high-performance methods for desalination applications, especially in MED and ZLD.