Flow Visualization and Tracking Research Lab

About Us

In FVT lab., we are doing an interdisciplinary research combining nanomaterials-based biosensing and nano/microfluidic lab-on-chips for applications in healthcare (diagnostics, genomics and medicine). High-quality research in diverse areas of flow and transport in porous media is another research topic in FVT Lab. The main thrust is on theoretical and computational modeling of the flow and transport processes that are backed by rigorous experimental validation. We elucidate key physical mechanisms using CFD modelling and laboratory experiments. Our Lab is a state-of-the-art facility for performing research on complex and multiphase flows. This involves experimental work combined with real-time imaging techniques together with several advanced numerical modelling techniques. Using this integrated experimental and computational laboratory, we are able to perform cutting-edge research in diverse fields of engineering, geosciences, and biomechanics. Our lab provides an active learning and highly collaborative and interactive environment for students to gain hands-on experiences in design and development of microscale platforms, multi-phase flows and heat transfer.

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